Aloe Hercules
Aloe Hercules

Aloe Hercules

) This is a large hybrid tree aloe that is the result of a cross between the large Tree Aloe, Aloe barberae (A. bainesii) and the smaller Quiver Tree, Aloe dichotoma.


Product Description

The plant exhibits hybrid vigor, growing faster than Aloe barberae with a heavier trunk, thicker branches and peeling bark more typical of Aloe dichotoma but with broad triangular dark green leaves.

Relatively young large specimens can be seen in southern California and it seems likely that they will grow to 30 to 40 feet. Beautiful green-tipped salmon flowers can appear sporadically from spring to fall.

Plant in full sun and water occasionally to infrequently. Hardiness reports are that it is hardier than either parent and can tolerate temperatures down to at least 20° F though unverified reports are that it has been hardy only to 23°F.

It is a unique looking plant that sometimes confused with, but quite different from Aloe barberae or the yellow-orange flowering form of Aloe barberae that comes from Mozambique that is often referred to as the Medusa form of Aloe barberae and now described as Aloe tongaensis. This naturally occurring plant from Mozambique has smaller narrower pale green leaves and much thinner stems.


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