Aloe Bainessi
Aloe BainessiAloe Bainessi

Aloe Bainessi

Also known as Aloe barberae, it is a large, tall tree aloe native to southern Africa.

This is Africa's largest aloe as it can reach 50 feet tall and 3 feet trunk diameter.


Product Description

This tree is native to southern Africa. In habitat, this drought-resistant succulent can reach 50 feet tall and 3 feet trunk diameter, making Aloe bainesii/Aloe barberae Africa’s largest aloe.

Its trunk and branches are gray, forking eventually forming a spreading, rounded crown. Aloe bainesii/Aloe barberae has long dark green recurved and channeled leaves forming a dense rosette. Flowers appear in mid-winter on side branches with tuberous pink (green-tipped) petals.


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