Agave Ovatifolia Varigated
Agave Ovatifolia Varigated

Agave Ovatifolia Varigated

A compact generally solitary plant, non-offsetting species that rarely produces an offset or two.

Agave Ovatifolia Varigated is commonly called Whale's Tongue Agave because the leaves resemble the tongue of a whale.


Product Description

Leaves are distinctive, 50-55 cm long by 22-28 across, broadly ovate, silvery blue, and distinctively cupped in the upper surface. Leaves have small hooked teeth along their margins and 2.5 cm long dark grey terminal spine. It is not unlike other agaves, though whale tongue leaves are sculpted, with a gutter down the center which is ideal for collecting and funneling rain to the roots.

The flowers are pale yellow-green, borne on a towering stalk at the end of its long, beautiful life.

It isĀ  one of the most beautiful century plants.


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