Agave Ferdinand Regis
Agave Ferdinand Regis

Agave Ferdinand Regis

It is also known as King of the Agaves is native to Coahuila area of Mexico.

This exceptional, naturally hybridized variant of Agave victoriae-reginae and Agave Scabra is very distinct and unique in appearance.


Product Description

These stunning extremely rigid plants are small a slow growing Agave to 18 inches tall by 24 inches wide with an open rosette of stout triangular blue green leaves that elegantly display their exceptionally vibrant white leaf markings on both sides of the leaf.

The margins of the leaves are dark reddish brown and spineless terminating it the blunt leaf tip with a short stout spine that is black in color. As the plant grows larger and more mature these terminal spines are often accompanied by a subsidiary pair of auxiliary black spines arrayed directly beside them.

Plant the Agave Ferdinand Regis in full sun in a well-drained soil. Very little irrigation is required. Hardy to around 10 degrees F once established.
This handsome Agave makes for an absolutely classic specimen plant and is an exquisite container plant indoors.


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