agave blue flame
agave blue flame

Agave Blue Flame

This is a beautiful succulent that forms clumps with rosettes which individually are 2 1/2 feet tall by to 3 feet wide.

Older clumps build up to form large dense masses to up to 5 feet tall or more.


Product Description

The flexible blue-green leaves have finely serrate margins and terminal spine. The blue cast to the leaves form from a glaucous waxy cuticle that covers the surface of the younger leaves. This feature can be enhanced by promoting new growth and vigor by giving regular irrigation and fertilizer and avoiding overhead water that can wash the leaf surface.

Plant in full sun except in hot inland and desert gardens where light shade will prevent scorching of the foliage. Irrigate little or regularly for more vigor. Hardy to at least 25 F.

The name ‘Blue Flame’ is both in reference to the blue in the foliage and also to the shape of the plant which resembles a gas flame with its gracefully incurved leaf tips. This hybrid between Agave shawii (seed parent) and Agave attenuata (pollen parent)


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