Agave americana Medio-picta Alba
Agave americana Medio-picta Alba

Agave Americana ‘Mediopicta Alba’

One of the prettiest and most sought after variegated succulents in existence.

It is a living sculpture with very dramatic leaves, the juxtaposition of the solid creamy white bands down the centre with the powder blue of margins in a neat rosette looks right to the eye.


Product Description

Solitary or slowly clumping succulent rosette that will grow to a height of 70-90(-120) cm.
The var. medio-picta ‘Alba’ is a medium to smaller growing form of Agave americana.

Leaves: Short, lanceolate, narrowed above the thickened base, that arch slightly above the middle of the lamina and this is a characteristic feature of this species. The leaves of this cultivar are pleasantly variegated with a greyish-white to creamy-white central broad band down the centre of each leaf, with grey-blue sharp-spined edges and a long terminal spine.

Flowers: Inflorescence up to 5 m tall (or more) slender, straight, long oval in outline and rather open. The individual flowers are yellow-green and attract hummingbirds. Flower spikes are also variegated.

Blooming season: Summer, however in warmer climates the Century Plant doesn’t bloom until it is a decade old and not a century! (up to 35 years or more in cool climates) and the plant dies after flowering.


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